quinn patricia poer

quinn patricia poer

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

life lately, via iphone // 'grams ungrammed

it's tuesday, february the 24th.  february, the tuesday of months, has already flown by.  pete and i went to marination makai for dinner. our unofficial taco tuesday, woo woo! we just went there super recently, but oh well.  the spicy pork taco and slaw are ze best.  we sat by the window that looks out on the seattle skyline.  can't be beat.  how'd they get such a prime spot there?! why aren't there more fun restaurants long that part of alki? i'm also looking at you, north lake union.  westlake too.  get it togetha. we're hungry!

 we also did the speediest grocery shopping trip of all time; in and out of that place within seven minutes.  now, we're just chilling at home and i'm attempting to clean up my iphone so that i can get a new one soon.  i've had this one for almost five years and really can't believe it still functions at all. 

here are some photos from the past few weeks taken on my phone.  i choose to share them here as to not bombard instagram with a zillion pics of mostly various beverages.

a hike with friends to lake twenty-two, off mountain loop highway.

there's nothing cuter than a toddler eating spaghetti. andrea's 30th birthday dinner.

valentine's day eve // a.m. donut happy hour at work.

story of weekdaze. my "new attitude" cup o joe at my desk.  

saturday crepes & coffee at home with pete

 a hearty veggie & bean stew with rosemary potatoes and sausage.  is this, perhaps, the final stew/large pot of soup we will make this winter??? spring is nigh.

bigasssss barge.

alki explorations. bebe crab.

ampersand cafe on alki.  loved these window seats and the hawaiian vibe.  i will love sitting here in the summer with the windows pushed open, sun shining on my face, sipping a delicious hawaiian sun beverage and watching rollerbladers and family segway tours go by.

beveridge place pub is our neighborhood jam!  coziest pub in all the land.  dogs are invited too.  

fremont brewing got a huge new sign recently!  they are really killing it and have expanded their seating a ton in the last year.  also, free apples, pretzels, & postcards that they mail for you! what swell folks.  i can't wait to cruise up there on my bike this summer for an outdoor brewski in the sunshine.

 sunday evening picnic and gorgeous sunset on the hill near our house.

i've been friends with these striped ladies since first grade, 1994.  i can't believe she's about to be a mama! 
alex's baby shower.

J U I C E! {beet, carrot, celery, blood orange, kale, ginger, orange, lemon}

so frothy!

pete brewed his most delicious beer yet!!! 



Sunday, February 15, 2015

romantic backyard valentine's day dinner :)

i'd been dreaming & scheming up this dinner scene all last week.  we didn't have any real valentine's day plans or things we wanted to do, so i thought we could do something fun at home.  thankfully the seattle weather cooperated with us and we were able to execute our lady & the tramp inspired italian dinner out in our backyard.  i recently watched the video of the dinner scene from that movie; it was so cute and made me so happy...i forgot how sweet that movie is since it was never one of my top disney favs.  

peter got me these beautiful orange/red/yellow tulips the day before valentine's day.  they are so bright and lovely! for our dinner, i made homemade meatballs, spaghetti, and some garlic toasts with havarti cheese.  shout out to our friend jenny's family winery, yamhill valley vineyards, for supplying our choice vino for the occasion.  we have been saving the bottles we bought during our visit there last summer.  i'm glad we busted out the 2009 pinot noir reserve for our special dinner date (2009 was a "good year" in oregon wine country...i think...right jenny? does anybody read this? anyway, the wine was delicious in my book). 

here are some photos of our dinner scene.  i am so glad we were able to reuse the wooden heart light we made for peter's cousin's wedding last year!

rosemary [from our yard!] for blood orange & rosemary water.  very light and refreshing!

in my original lady & the tramp scheme, i wanted a red and white checkered table cloth, but didn't find one in time.  i like how the stripes looked, though!

my sweet pete hung up the heart light for me

and he made a fire in the fire pit!  it was feeling aaalmost summer-y out there.

i bought pete the delicious grapefruit ipa by ballast point brewing.  it is ultra delightful.

meatball makings.  i omitted photos of the meat, because raw meat photos would be gross in a line-up of photos with flowers and candles and general cutesy-ness.

i wanted to show this little cast iron dutch oven that my grandma recently mailed to me. she told me it was actually her mother's! we couldn't figure out how old it probably is, but i am glad that i have it now :)

our wee little backyard area

dinner is served.  

the only thing we were missing was some olde italian jamz.  nope, we did not recreate the spaghetti kiss. you're welcome.

my fancy backwards-capped, flannel wearing valentine. i love him.  [he's wearing my uncle's old hat with horses on it that says, "designated driver." haha]

happy valentine's day!

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