quinn patricia poer

quinn patricia poer

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


 new obsession alert!

i think the first time i had chimichurri was when peter's brother phil brought it to a bbq. i was like......"what. is. this.?" 

tasty green goodness with flavor to the high heavens, that's what it is.

and it is so easy, too.   everything you see here is what is in the recipe!

i just so happen to LOVE cilantro...so, i love this chimichurri.  i'm sure you could explore the possibilities using other flavorful herbs and greens if you don't like cilantro.  i think that parsley is the main herb used in authentic argentinian chimichurri, but i don't really like parsley at all...so i am thankful for this parsley-masking cilantro-ed out version :)

just throw it all in the food processor. ta da! flavor for days.

i think the red chili flakes are key.  i made it a few times recently, one time without the chili flakes by accident.  chili flakes just kick it up a notch!

i must provide a high level warning to check your teeth after you eat this stuff.  look at all those tiny green particles. just sayin.

so far, pete and i have enjoyed this chimi recipe with steak, orzo with mushrooms & chicken, PIZZA (do dat, do dat), and barbecued bok choy and short ribs.  all are delish.  i prefer it with red meats, though.

we ate all of this loot in one sitting.  boohoo.  thank goodness it is so easy to make again. and again. and again!

Makes about 2 cups of sauce
Total Time: 5-10 minutes
Refrigerate // use within 2 weeks of preparation
(treat it like any fresh greens you'd keep in the fridge)


  • 1 medium/large bunch of fresh cilantro, about 1 cup (what you see in the first photo is exactly the amount i used)
  • 1 small bunch fresh parsley, about 1/2 cup (what you see in the first photo is exactly the amount i used)
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1/3 cup olive oil + extra for taste or consistency
  • 1/3 cup red wine vinegar + extra for taste or consistency (i didn't have any red wine vinegar. i used a 2:1 ratio of white vinegar to red wine. i thought it was pretty dang good.  i just put a little red wine in my 1/3 measuring cup and the rest white vinegar).
  • 1 tsp. red chili flakes
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 tsp. black pepper
  • You can add whatever herbs you like, in addition.  I want to try my "hot n' spicy oregano" from my herb planter next time.  I used some dried oregano in this particular recipe.


Pulse the cilantro and parsley in the food processor with the olive oil until mixed.  Add red wine vinegar slowly and continue to pulse until the greens are all chopped finely.  Add the remainder of ingredients and pulse until combined.  Continue tasting and add extra olive oil or red wine vinegar to your liking.  When mine has seemed a little bit runny, I've added a little bit of fresh bitter greens like spinach or kale to help bulk up the volume.  This also helps to tame all the super zingy flavors in the mix.  

Just a note that I only cut off a little bit off the stems of the cilantro and parsley.  I kept most of it intact.  Don't even worry about it tearing off the leaves since it'll get all super chopped up.  Just throw it all in! Hurrryyyyyy! It's too delicious to be dinkin' around.

Store in a jar or airtight container.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

life lately, via iphone: v.2

oooooh all of these photos are all sorts of crazy out of chronological order.  how rude.  it drives me nuts, but i'm gunna let it sliiiiiide, man.

here's what's been happenang!

mah girl marisa was in town for a minute and we grubbed at roux in fremont with miss piper.  here they are, below!  it was deeeeeelicious and we shared a carafe o' grapefruit mimosas.  new orleans is on my latest short list of places i really want to visit.

we ate this.

west seattle bridge has some pretty killer views on both sides.


kt's got whiskey on her head, but don't call her a whiskey head.

at home breakfast tacos.  yermmm.

hanging out with our little bro, spencer, after seeing his sista's baby finn on her birthday.  we had some gourmet corn dogs at interurban on mississippi in portland.  gourmet corn dogs!  what did you say, you oxymoron?  that's just portlandia for ya.  they came with all different kinds of mustard and they were muy grande!


picnic taco feast during our trip to lopez island

piper being the true pizza professional that she is.

she and i checked out the london plane in pioneer square.  i've been seeing photos of it plastered all over the internets, so i was happy to finally make it there.  we just had a drink at the bar since we'd already had brunch, but i can't wait to go there for a meal next time.

stretchy pete.

a fun little nook we found during a work photo shoot.

'cados are pretty.

apparently its taco season around here.

some morning work light in my zone.

found this tree-fecta of different blossoms in a row in my neighborhood.

beware of bear!

scenes from our sick dungeon one saturday.  pete woke up with a fever and henceforth we binged on our respective tv shows all day.  netflix, gimme the 6th season of parenthood, stat!

audrey's 2nd birthday party!

ben-dog squared.

first back porch bbq of the year!!!!! this was in march!!!! exclamations!!!

just a sweet little cup of morning white russian version 2.0 with coffee.  also, many thanks to jet puffed marshmallows for designing these square mallows, perfect for s'moresing!

camano island beach trip & kayaking


back to marination ma kai. yum yum yum.

again, out of order.  beach brekky on camano island.

and then one day seattle looked like southern california.

sushi at hana for brother james zerkel's birthday celebration :)  i'm not a fish-eater or sushi lover at alllllll, but i can tell the quality here is really good from the few things i've tried at hana.

back to camano.  we saw a grey whale go by, probably fifty yards away! it was soooooo awesome.  we immediately played this song after he swam off.  duh.

someone's ready for cinco!

pete's been whipping up some good meals lately!  here i was ripping out all my favorite recipes from the stacks of bon appetit magazines i have laying around.  i like to think that i'll keep every beautiful issue and pour over them on a rainy day, but i know i'll just look at the same few pages every time.  i've been keeping a folder of torn out magazine recipes. its double nice because you're able to easily zero in on recipes you might actually make, and then recycle the rest of the magazine and de-clutter all your clutter zones.

at earthwise! our favorite salvage spot.  we bought a big ol' slab of wood on this day.  we need to dry it out for one to two years (!!!) before we can make a table out of it.  it will eventually be a high table with bar stools out on the back porch, so that people can sit up high and see the view and enjoy themselves, but also not fall off the porch and break all their bones.

some gorgeous bleeding heart flowers at my parents' house :)