quinn patricia poer

quinn patricia poer

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

qp has moved to quinnsplace.com


i'm officially saying farewell to this little space on blogger, as i've moved all my content to a new platform.  i've enjoyed sharing more and more photos, recipes, and all happenings of life in this space, but its time to upgrade to a more functional site.

please visit


to find any previous post from this blogspot, and discover new posts as well!

thanks! :)

it's been real, blogger.




Thursday, December 3, 2015

new blog location underway!

hey people!

i'm in the process of moving all the content from this blog onto a new platform, and continue building it over there.  it will be more user friendly, easier to search and navigate, and have a much cleaner look.

i'm absolutely terrified of technology and how frustrating it can be, but with the help of several people in my life we will make this thing happen.  

i'm excited for the new look and the new name!  i'll update more as soon as i'm ready to flip the switch to that newww newww. 

here's a photo from our last trip to lopez island.  because every blog post needs at least one pretty thing to look at.